About us

   Dongguan Haosen Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd is situated in Tangxia Town,Dong-Guan City,Guang-Dong Province in China.Covering 10000 square meters of space.We are dedicated to the production and export of custom cues,pool cues ,snooker cues, Pool cue cases, snooker cue cases and other billiard accessories.


  Our company has a highly talented and experienced staff devoted to research and design,and efficient production.Whether they are price-competitive soft cases or the most exquisitely handmade ,carved and painted genuine leather cases.

We succeed in fulfilling our customer's needs.And that include delivering products with requested quantity,quality ,specification,and most importantly, on time.This is simply what we do best to win over and keep our customers.


 Dongguan Haosen Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd  welcomes all sizes of order from anywhere in the world.Regardless of their amount and quantity,we treat all orders equally and seriously in terms of pre-sale and post-sale services.It is our goal not only to stay professional and innovative ,while offfering top notch services and products.With that belief,we are determined to embrace and serve our clients around the globe.